our vision

We’re building something Legendary

When we purchased this once glorious and grand dairy distributor in 2011, some people looked at the space and told us we were crazy. Others looked at The Creamery and saw the potential for a new restaurant. But we saw something entirely different. We saw enormous potential to bring all members of the Kennett Square community together in a space that’s rooted in Kennett Square history.

So in Summer 2016 we re-opened The Creamery as a pop-up garden. At The Creamery, you’ll find a beautifully upcycled facility with many of its original features intact. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours. And it’s yours, too. We hope you’ll spend an afternoon here amongst the craft beer, wraps and smoothies, lawn games and Kennett Square locals.

After all, this is just the beginning. We look forward to bringing friends and family together this summer and continuing to evolve The Creamery into a community space for years to come.

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