our history

A Rich Past

Since its creation in 1902, this creamery has passed through the hands of many owners, but one thing has remained the same over its hundred-plus years in existence: its dedication to delivering something for everyone to enjoy. We carry on this tradition by dedicating ourselves to providing feel-good times for all of the community to savor – like the sweet, sweet, cream that was whisked within these walls many years ago.

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Founded as the “Eastern Condensed Milk Company” by Theodore Pennock, father of baseball Hall of Famer and Kennett Square native, Herb Pennock. Theodore Pennock was also the president and general manager of the company


The Mohawk Condensed Milk Company of Rochester, New York, purchased the Eastern Condensed Milk plant.


The Creamery was once again sold, this time to Supplee’s Alderney Dairies. It was equipped with machinery, including a 13-ton refrigerating machine, to pasteurize and bottle milk that would be shipped to Philadelphia. Supplee was also one of the first companies to insist that an expert examine all of the milk for safety and sanitation. The company also advertised ice cream, with slogan “Notice the Flavor”!


The Creamery served as a cannery for The Mushroom Company. By the mid-1920’s, southeastern Pennsylvania was “the mushroom capital of the world” and produced 90% of all the mushrooms cultivated in the country at the time.


Renamed the Supplee Willis-Jones Milk Company.


We purchased the Creamery, which had been idle and slowly decaying for quite some time.


The Creamery opens up to the public, revitalized as an expansive community center and arts hub for all to enjoy.