Food Menus

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Creamery BBQ

The Meats

Pork Ribs – Dry Rub and Slow Smoked with Cherry Wood

Beef Brisket – Salt & Pepper Crust and Slow Smoked with Hickory

Pulled Pork – Apple Juice and Ginger Injected and Slow Smoked with Cherry Wood

Smoked Texas Hot Links – Hand-stuffed Pork and Beef Texas Style Sausage

Fried Chicken Fingers – Hand Cut, Organic, GMO-Free Breast with Buttermilk Flour

*Half or full portions available!

The Sides

French Fries

Cole SlawLightly Dressed Cabbage and Carrots with Poppy Seeds

Potato Salad – Light and Creamy House Made Potato Salad

Baked Macaroni and Cheese – 4 Cheeses and Topped With Crumbled Gold Fish

Baked Beans – Slow-Cooked Overnight with House-Smoked Tasso Ham

Fried Okra – Coated in a Flower and Corn Meal Mix and Fried

Corn on the Cob – Butter-Poached and Slathered with Sour Cream and BBQ Rub

The Platters

the lil’ Wrangler – quarter pound of any 1 meat and 1 side

the Happy Camperhalf pound of any 2 meats and 1 sides

the Dinner Date – one pound of any 2 meats and 2 sides

the Third Wheel – a pound each of 2 meats and 3 sides

the Whole Farm – a pound each of 3 meats and 4 sides

The Sandwiches

the Tipsy TexanBrisket, Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Pickles and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

the Snazzy Sausage – Grilled Texas Hot Link on a Bun with Pickled Jalapenos and Cheddar

The Extras

Belly Buster Fries – with Pulled Pork, Brisket, Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese, BBQ Sauce

Killer Mac and Cheese – with Fried Pork and Crumbled Gold Fish

Wine Barn

Cheese Plate

Pipe Dreams Ash Bouche | Goat | Pennsylvania | soft | chalky, citrus, rosemary

with – Orange and Ginger Marmalade


Ewe’s Dream | Sheep | Pennsylvania | firm | hazelnut, pastoral, hay

with – Smoked BBQ Almonds


Smoked Hooks 3 year Cheddar | Cow  | Wisconsin | firm | sharp, salty cheddar

with – Apple and Horseradish Butter


Cambozola Blue | Cow |Germany | soft | creamy, sweet

with – Roasted Garlic Carmel


Roomano | Cow | Netherlands | firm | salty, butterscotch

with – Onion Ale Jam

Meat & Cheese Plate

The above cheese coupled with the below meats:

Soppressata – Dry, Cured Italian-Style Pork Salami with Hazelnuts and Truffle

Duck Riellets – Confit Duck Leg with Brandy Cherries